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Harnessing digital technology for social impact in
Southeast Asia

Meet the winners from Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore – our top 9 Grand Finalists

After an intensive round of pitching to the judges, the top 3 social innovation teams for Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore have been chosen! These 9 finalists will each receive a $10,000 cash prize, and a chance to battle it out at the Grand Finale this 16 April for the $50,000 grand prize.

Come join us at the Shaw Foundation Alumni House, located in the National University of Singapore, to find out more about what they do – featuring a showcase by the top 9 finalists, on-stage pitching, and see who would emerge the Grand Winner.

To register for the Grand Finale, visit

Name: Amalan International
Sector: Financial Services

amalan empowers people to regain control of their finances through consumer and small business loan restructuring & refinancing solutions. We rebuild our clients’ financial future.


Name: Aruna
Sector: Agriculture

Aruna is an integrated fisheries commerce company that focused to develop coastal economy by creating a fair and transparent marine-fisheries trade through Technology Innovation.


Name: Mita Sejahtera Membangun Bangsa
Sector: Agriculture

Mitra Sejahtera Membangun Bangsa aims to improve Farmer’s Prosperity through Agri-technology and Agri-business integration.

Name: ERTH
Sector: Energy & Environment

ERTH: E-waste Recycling Through Heroes is a service that provides free on-demand pickup of electronic waste and pays a portion of the recycling revenue to consumers and businesses to incentivize a high recycling rate.


Name: FatHopes Energy
Sector: Energy & Environment

FatHopes Energy deploy IOT devices to automate waste oil collection, and efficiently communicate to collection fleets for pickups and delivery to refineries.


Name: Grub Cycle
Sector: Food & Beverages

Grub Cycle reduces food waste by giving surplus and unique shape vegetables a second chance by selling it at bargain price before it goes to waste.

Name: SmartPeep
Sector: Health & Wellness

SmartPeep develops a virtual AI-sitter system to monitor seniors, enabling caregivers to get notified for emergency situations and to provide proactive care at all times.


Name: Whizpace
Sector: Communication

Whizpace develops a technology that taps unused television broadcasting airwaves, known as TV white space (TVWS), to transport data for wireless communication.


Name: Wika Media
Sector: Communication

Wika Media enables the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Blind and Visually impaired, by delivering companion content—captions/subtitles, sign language, language video, or audio description—synchronized to what they are watching.


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